Lab Safety Training

All users of the SIGMA facility are required to complete safety training.  The University requires several online training courses.  These can be found through Axess using your SUnet ID (see notes below for additional information on locating the training modules).

  • EHS-1900 Chemical Safety for Laboratories
  • EHS-4200 General Safety, Injury Prevention (IIPP) and Emergency Preparedness
  • EHS-2200 Compressed Gas Safety

Working in different areas of lab require additional training as indicated below. (KW) indicates lab-specific training conducted by Karrie; Stanford provided trainings have Axess course numbers listed.

Room number
Instruments & Equipment
Lab specific training required
Nu Plasma HR MC-ICPMS, Agilent 8900 QQQ
  • Basic instrument safety (KW)
Agilent 8900 QQQ, RESOlution laser
  • Basic instrument safety (KW)
  • Laser safety (EHS-PROG-4820)
Ultra micro balance or balance only
  • Basic clean lab use (KW)
Making standards and acid handling
  • Basic clean lab use (KW)
022, 022a, 026, 026a
Clean lab
  • Advanced Best practices in the clean lab (KW)
  • Basic instrument safety (KW)
Oven, hood, centrifuge, ball mill
  • Basic lab use (KW)
Topic specific trainings
Radioactive materials:
  •  Lab-specific radioactive training (KW)
  • Working Safely Near Radioactive Materials (EHS-5275-WEB)
HF use:
  • Lab Specific HF training (KW)

Contact Karrie to find out the next time lab trainings will be offered (typically once per quarter).