RESOlution Laser System

Loading a sample tray into the laser system

The Applied Spectra RESOlution SE laser system is paired to the Agilent 8900 QQQ ICPMS for laser ablation ICPMS analysis (LA-ICP-MS).  Using a 193 nm excimer laser system as a sample introduction system allows us to perform in-situ concentration determinations on solid materials.  Analytical spot sizes range from 2 to 100 um and can be used as individual spot analyses, or rastered to provide continuous compositional mapping. The laser-ICPMS combination provides concentration data generally in the range of hundreds of ppb to low ppm values providing lower concentration detection limits than are available by most ion microprobe analysis.

High quality quantitative data collection by LA-ICPMS requires well characterized samples of a similar composition to the unknown samples.  The SIGMA lab has a collection of USGS and NIST glass standards available to users.  These pair well with most earth materials, but engineered materials may require additional time for method development and standard characterization by solution ICP-MS.

See our sample preparation page for details on how samples for the laser should be prepared.


Laser ablation concentration determinations in silicates

Laser ablation characterization of trace elements in mineral separates.

Laser elemental concentration mapping in carbonates

In-situ composition determinations of trace elements in naturally occurring carbonates