Concentration Determination on Materials in Solution by ICP-MS

Using calibrations standards, we can get concentration determinations on most inorganic elements in solution.

Types of samples:

Earth Materials – rocks, soil, plant debris, natural waters

Iron in biological materials

Amount of material required – volume of solution and solution concentration

detection limits

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Concentration Determination on Solid Samples by LA-ICP-MS

Zap it with a laser to determine a concentration… assuming you have an appropriate standard

Isotope Dilution Concentration Determinations by MC-ICP-MS

Use an enriched isotopic spike of known composition (developed and calibrated in-house) on samples in solution. Capable of concentration determinations that are accurate to a fraction of a percent.  Available only for a select number of elements: Rb, Sr, Ca, Cr, Fe, Ni, Zn, Nd, Sm. More time intensive and costly than standard concentration determinations by ICP-MS as samples must be purified through wet chemistry techniques in the clean lab prior to analysis in the instrument.