Nu Plasma HR Multi-collector ICP-MS

Nu Plasma HR ICPMS

The Nu Plasma HR is used for high-precision isotope ratio measurements across broad regions of the periodic table.

Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry is an extremely powerful tool for trace (ppm) and ultratrace (ppb to ppt) elemental and isotopic analyses. In ICP-MS, a plasma consisting of ions, electrons and neutral particles is formed from Argon gas. The plasma is used to atomize and ionize the elements in a sample. The plasma source allows us to chose a variety of sample introduction systems, including solution, laser and chromatographic. The multi-collector ICP-MS is a double focusing instrument equipped with 11 Faraday detectors and 4 ion counters situated at the low mass end of the collector. Ion counters permit precise measurement of isotopic ratios exhibiting a large variation in natural abundance. As currently configured, HR multi-collector is capable of high-precision isotope ratio measurements from 6Li to 238U.

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