Water analysis lab activity

May 10, 2024 in the Green Earth Sciences SIGMA Lab facility.

Fill up a centrifuge tube with some water and we will tell you what is in it!  Not too much biological material please…

Daniella should be able to help you pick up a centrifuge tube if you haven’t got one already.

Label your samples with unique sample names.  It helps to put your initials as part of the name.  Examples: JMR-drinkingfountain1, ABJ-waterbottle, KTE-tap.hot KTE-tap.cold

Good samples

  • Water from bottled water
  • Filtered vs unfiltered water
  • Home tap water (hot and cold)
  • Water from your school fountain

Bad samples

  • Lake water
  • River water


Results from April 22, 2022 are in!